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Questions we hear from our customers.

“My Car Won’t Start” or “Who Can Get My Car Started?” or “Why Won’t My Car Start?”
Your vehicle not starting is a frustrating experience. There are multiple reasons why your car or truck may not start. One of the key culprits, is typically your battery. Albitz Garage offers battery recharge, repair, and replacement services for Spring City and the surrounding areas.

Only thirty percent of car batteries make it to 4 years. The life expectancy of a battery varies by where you live. It ranges from a little over 4 years in cold climates to less than 3 years in warmer climates.

Vehicle batteries are not designed to be run down really low, or deep cycled, as it’s called in the auto industry. Ways to prevent excess wear on your battery are not using your headlights, radio, dvd, or other power accessories when the car is off This can deeply deplete your battery over time.

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Special Warning: Batteries contain sulfuric acid that can severely burn your skin and could blind you. If you find yourself with a dead battery, carefully inspect it before you jump start it. If the case is bulging, cracked or leaking, do not jump start it. Damaged batteries can explode or catch fire. Deeply discharged batteries can freeze. Do not jump start a frozen battery. Call Albitz Garage immediately and we can assist you with getting your car or truck battery fixed properly, safely and disposed of in a proper environmentally friendly way.

Chances are that you need to replace your car battery if:

  • You are having trouble starting your car
  • Your car is slow cranking
  • You recently had to jump start your car
  • You recently had to recharge your car’s battery
  • Your car’s battery is older than two or three years

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