Expert Oil Change Services

“How Long Can I Go Between Oil Changes” or “I Have An Oil Leak, What Should I Do?

Regularly scheduled oil changes keep your engine running more smoothly and prolong the life of your vehicle. Oil is one of the most important fluids that lubricates your engine to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

You should follow your vehicles recommended oil change schedule. There are instances when you may need more frequent oil change service. We will help you determine the proper intervals for your service during your visit. If you see an oil leak, bring your car in immediately so that we may diagnose the issue to ensure it does not turn into potential costly repairs.

We offer a wide range of Oil Change services from standard and premium oil, to advanced synthetic blend and full synthetic oil. We check and replace your oil filter if necessary. Depending on your vehicle we may recommend a synthetic oil that outlasts conventional motor oils and may increase the life of your vehicle. We perform a thorough inspection and check all necessary parts that pertain to your oil service.

We offer our professional oil changes services for imports and domestics, trucks and cars, and fleets.

Let Albitz Garage perform your next car oil change service by our expertly trained ASE certified technicians. Call us today for all your oil change service Pottstown (610) 326-1438

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5 signs that you may need Oil Change Service

  • Old Dirty Oil
  • Engine Knocking or Rumbling
  • Exhaust Smoke
  • Check Engine Light
  • 3,000 Mile Rule