Pre-Purchase Inspections

Albitz Garage will inspect your used vehicle before you make a purchase

Used cars and trucks are a great option for many people in today’s economy. Whether you are looking to purchase a higher-end vehicle at a more affordable price, prefer older models than the newer ones, or simply do not have the funds to purchase a new vehicle. Albitz Garage offers peace of mind when it comes to buying the right used car.

One of the concerns with purchasing a used vehicle is not knowing the extensive history of the car. There are helpful tools such as Carfax and KBB, but these may only tell part of the story of the vehicle you are considering. A report cannot always tell you if the car is safe to drive now. Is the car truly in “Good Condition”? Albitz Garage will perform a safety inspection, check for major leaks, ensure emissions, and check alignment and frame angles. Our ASE-Certified technicians can conduct pre-purchase inspections to ensure you make a smart decision when buying a used car.

When you buy a car or truck without a warranty, you are taking on all the risk. Pre-purchase inspections make perfect sense. Trust Albitz Garage with your pre-purchase inspection. There is not an industry standard for pre-purchase inspections, but Albitz Garage will provide you with a comprehensive review of your prospective vehicle.

Identifying issues before you purchase the car can save you lots of money in the long run. Finding issues before you buy may also help you negotiate a better price. If there are problems that are too costly or make the vehicle unsafe, you can avoid the vehicle altogether and find something safer to drive. Before you purchase a used vehicle, come by Albitz Garage for a pre-purchase inspection. It’s the smart thing to do.

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